Our goal is to empower you to start thinking differently about your health. We are here to enrich lives with simple and effective science. We want to offer an alternative to conventional treatment by offering lab tested, clinically studied, and locally sourced cannabinoid technology you can trust.

We want to empower you to live your best life and unlock your potential, naturally. 

Our products are specially formulated to produce a fast-acting, consistent, and precise consumption experience for you—every time. Our pharmacist-developed, clinically studied cannabinoid technology and unprecedented testing and labeling standards give you confidence that you are getting the best CBD Oil available. 

While other companies offer broad-spectrum hemp oils which only contain a very small percentage of CBD (2-3%), Green Valley Nutrition's unique extraction process safely isolates pure CBD molecules from hemp oil. This process maximizes potency and efficacy in every batch, while increasing bioavailability to provide the user with a faster onset experience and longer lasting results.

Green Valley Nutrition has assembled a team of in-house developers, scientists, farmers, operators, and botanists to ensure industry leading quality. As one of the nation's best-selling CBD providers, we urge anyone interested in CBD products to start with Green Valley Nutrition. 

Learn more about our hemp cultivation and extraction process here.