True Water-Soluble Technology

Turn Your Cannabinoids Into Water

Green Valley Nutrition is on the cutting edge of technological development. Our water-soluble technology is a patented, nano-emulsified liquid concentrate solution that makes cannabinoids completely water-soluble in a shelf-stable state. 

With 15% potency, it’s formulated for ease of use, long shelf-life stability, and minimal impact on the finished product’s flavor and mouthfeel. Our nano-emulsification process allows the concentrate to be added to bulk product prior to sub-micron filtration, requiring little to no change to manufacturing or packaging processes.

It is dispersible in almost any beverage or liquid food. And it's the only water-soluble CBD product that is truly homogenous, which means maximum potency and bioavailability of your supplements. 

Since the cannabinoid particle size is a minuscule 25 nanometers in diameter, the cannabinoids become very bioavailable and begin absorption upon entering the mouth. This means that you get a much more effective dose of CBD at lower concentrations. No other process for solubilizing cannabinoids performs this well.

HydroPS™ will completely self-homogenize in liquids without separation, similar to how simple syrup mixes evenly and clearly into water. This ensures CBD is evenly distributed throughout the product, eliminating any worries about third-party lab testing for potency and homogeneity variances in samples, especially since the cannabinoids won’t stick to packaging. Consumers can have peace of mind about getting a perfect, predictable and consistent dose every time.

Below are some key highlights of our technology:

• 100% Water Soluble
• Zero Separation / Zero Settling
• Concentration peak is 15mg CBD / 1ml (HydroPS™)
• Disperses like food coloring (self-homogenizing)
• Perfect batch dosing + consistency
• FDA safe + clean label
• Fast acting** (8-14min avg)
• High Bioavailability, Predictable duration

With a concentration of 15 milligrams of cannabidiol per milliliter of water, the natural HydroPS™ solution makes it very simple to create your own customized CBD-infused products. Because of its unique performance, HydroPS™ can be used to infuse a wide variety of products with fast-acting cannabinoids: hot or cold beverages, foods and cooking oils, topicals and more. The possibilities are endless. 

**Through public volunteer trials, Green Valley Nutrition found that average onset activation time to be under 15 minutes.