A healthy alternative for your kids.

We wanted to create a product that's safe for everyone. Our CBD is designed to provide natural relief for kids of all ages without the risk of unwanted side effects.

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CBD oil can help reduce anxiety.

In a recent clinical study supported by the National Institute of Health, 100% of subjects taking CBD experienced a feeling of calm without any changes to their lifestyle. This is the relief you've been looking for, without a prescription.

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Common Questions

How can CBD help my kids?

Our CBD oil is a holistic alternative to medications that are commonly prescribed to treat children with ADHD, OCD, PANDAS, tic disorders, sleep disorders, autism, acne, and many other inflammatory illnesses. CBD can also help reduce anxiety and chronic pain in children without the risks associated with conventional pharmaceuticals. Live well, naturally with CBD!

Which product is right for my child?

Choosing the right product for your child depends on his or her individual needs. We generally recommend our CBD Oil Drops for Kids because of its fast-acting and flavorless properties. You may also use our Product Finder to help point you in the right direction.

Is CBD a marijuana product?

CBD is not a marijuana product. CBD is a natural dietary supplement that can help reduce inflammation and other symptoms of childhood illness without the risk of unwanted side effects. All of our products are independently lab-tested and pediatrician recommended to help safely support your child's health and wellbeing.

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