CBD Lab Test Certificates

Setting A New Industry Standard in CBD Quality Control

We are committed to delivering a safe and trustworthy product with every serving. Green Valley Nutrition tests every ingredient considered for inclusion in our products through third-party ISO accredited laboratories. This ensures that there is absolutely no THC in our products.
CBD Oil Drops Original Strength - 1000mg - Batch no. YHE-021423-003
CBD Oil Drops Extra Strength - 1500mg - Batch no. YHE-021423-004
CBD Oil Drops  Extra Strength - 3500mg - Batch no. YHE-021423-005
CBD Softgels Original Strength - 750mg - Batch no. CA230629-002-002
CBD Softgels Extra Strength - 1500mg - Batch no. CA230629-002-003
CBD Pain Cream - Small 250mg - Batch no. PCE-090423-002
CBD Pain Cream - Medium 500mg - Batch no. PCE-090423-002
CBD Pain Cream - Large 1000mg - Batch no. PCE-090423-002
CBD Relax & Relive Lotion - 500mg - Batch no. CA2106560-001
CBD Hemp Wick Candle - 250mg - Batch no. CA2106563-001
CBD Dark Chocolate Bar - 300mg - Batch no.  CA2106529-003
CBDog Oil Drops for Pets - 100mg - Batch no. YHE-021423-006
CBDog Oil Drops for Pets - 250mg - Batch no. YHE-021423-007
CBDog Treats Lamb & Vegetables Recipe - Batch no. 
CBDog Treats Chicken & Rice Recipe - Batch no.