Our story began with a boy who needed help. His ten-year quest for relief from PANDAS, an autoimmune disorder associated with brain inflammation, led him to CBD Oil. CBD helped him relax, refocus, and leap back into his life. He grew up to be the founder of Green Valley Nutrition.

We started this company to establish a quality standard that you can trust. We want to unlock your potential by providing you with the tools you need to make effective decisions about your health. Our goal is to improve quality of life and enrich our community by providing education coupled with simple and effective cannabinoid science.

"It was the first time that I had ever experienced relief from my symptoms without the myriad of negative side effects that decorate the labels of modern pharmaceutical drugs. Fifty milligrams of Cannabidiol enabled me to relax during those difficult moments, take a deep breath, refocus, and move on with my life. From my perspective, CBD was a miracle."

Ethan Pompeo, Founder


What causes PANDAS?

The strep bacteria are very ancient organisms that survive in the human host by hiding from the immune system as long as possible. It hides itself by putting molecules on its cell wall so that it looks nearly identical to molecules found on the child’s heart, joints, skin, and brain tissues. This hiding is called “molecular mimicry” and allows the strep bacteria to evade detection for a long time.

However, the molecules on the strep bacteria are eventually recognized as foreign to the body and the child’s immune system reacts to them by producing antibodies. Because of the molecular mimicry by the bacteria, the immune system reacts not only to the strep molecules, but also to the human host molecules that were mimicked; antibodies system “attack” the mimicked molecules in the child’s own tissues.

Studies at the NIMH and elsewhere have shown that some cross-reactive “anti-brain” antibodies target the brain—causing OCD, tics, and the other neuropsychiatric symptoms of PANDAS.

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