Cultivating a Better Future: Ag and Food Tech in Charlottesville

Cultivating a Better Future: Ag and Food Tech in Charlottesville

Charlottesville companies are making food better and safer through innovation, harnessing nature and science to uniquely impact our agriculture and food systems. Yesterday, we heard from a panel of industry experts about the science behind these cutting-edge technologies and what the future holds for AgTech in our region. Our CEO, Ethan Pompeo, was thrilled to explain how Green Valley Nutrition is changing the public perspective on cannabis by offering lab tested, quality assured CBD products you can trust.

Cville BioHub Green Valley Nutrition


Green Valley Nutrition is a proud member of the Charlottesville BioHub, a place to strengthen the regional biotechnology industry through engagement, resourcing and education.

We were talking all about cutting edge technologies in biotech and agriculture last night:

Hemp from Green Valley Nutrition, safe pesticides from AgroSpheres, fermentation testing from Imbibe Solutions and healthy plant based sugar alternatives from Bonumose.

Each company has taken a different path to their current state, but all are on growth trajectories towards success here in Virginia.

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