Why do we care?

Conventional agriculture and manufacturing practices pollute the earth and threaten human health, turning natural processes and essential industries into hard places.

Our goal is to restore life's hard places into fertile soil for your life to grow. That's why all Green Valley Nutrition products are manufactured by us, with our customers in mind. We never outsource our manufacturing, so you know our products are held to the very highest quality standards. 

Furthermore, all of our CBD is locally grown by our exclusive network of partner growers in Virginia. We support the local economy by contracting with Virginia growers instead of sourcing cheap material from out of state. We process, manufacture, and distribute all of our CBD products in-house at our independently operated facilities in Charlottesville, Virginia.

By choosing Green Valley Nutrition CBD, you've also made the choice to invest in sustainable agriculture, protect our planet and raise awareness about environmental conservation.

Because for each order we send out, we purchase carbon offset credits from certified activities that support community development, protect ecosystems, or reduce or remove emissions from the atmosphere. Carbon offset credits are a practical and effective way to address climate change and reduce our carbon footprint. Each credit removes one ton of carbon from the atmosphere.

With every Green Valley Nutrition purchase you make, those credits add up – one ton of carbon becomes many thousands of tons and a donation that funds not only cleanups but education, research, and technological development, too.

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We share this badge at the checkout screen as a reminder that you are helping us do our part to promote sustainable business practices and dependable healthcare.

All of our products are 100% carbon neutral, infinitely recyclable, and can be traced back to our exclusive network of small family farmers. Our growers use ancient organic cultivation methods that respect the earth and produce the best hemp on the planet.

Organic farming has a smaller carbon footprint, conserves and builds soil health, replenishes natural ecosystems for cleaner water and air, all without toxic pesticide residues.