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For You & Your Pets Pack

For You & Your Pets Pack

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Now you can save big on CBD for the whole family by bundling two of our most popular products for you and your pets! One serving per day provides consistent, dependable relief from inflammation, helping you and your pets to feel healthier and live better. Here's what you'll get:

➡ 1 bottle of Original 1000mg Oil Drops

➡ 1 bottle of 100mg CBDog Oil for Pets  

Recommended Use

  • Anti-Anxiety or Separation Anxiety
  • Sleep Aid
  • Pain management
  • Weight loss
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Muscle Recovery
  • Relieves Nausea
  • Drop one-half dropper of our Original 1000mg Oil Drops under your tongue and hold for 30 seconds before swallowing for fast, dependable daily relief. You can also add CBD to your favorite food or beverage. Start with a low dose and move up as needed. Likewise, you can drop the 100mg CBDog Oil onto your pet's food bowl before feeding, or directly into their mouth after feeding. You and your pet will live better and thank you for it! Contains zero THC. 

    Call or email us to learn more about how CBD can help you. 


  • Fast-Acting
  • Contains Zero THC
  • Third-Party Lab Tested
  • No Preservatives
  • The essential natural alternative, our sublingual CBD Oil Drops contain 100% hemp-derived CBD infused into an organic virgin coconut oil based solution, and nothing else, just as nature intended. 

    Like all Green Valley Nutrition products, every batch of our 1000mg CBD Oil is independently lab tested, ensuring what’s on the label matches precisely to what’s in the bottle. 

    Green Valley CBDog treats work wonders! Our boy is calmer with no adverse side affects like we experienced with the prescription medications we tried before using these.
    — Winnie M.

    Without the treats, my Pomeranian can't even walk. But when I give her a treat, she hops up and trots around like nothing is wrong! This product is a miracle!
    –Lydia G.

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    How does CBD oil work for pets?

    Green Valley Nutrition CBD reduces inflammation in animals the same way it does in humans, helping to alleviate pain and improve your furry friends' quality of life so that you can get back to doing what you enjoy most.

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    Green Valley Nutrition 30 Day Money Back Guarantee           30-Day Risk-Free, Money-Back Guarantee

    Frequently asked questions

    Usage instructions

    We offer two easy options for your pets: CBD oil drops and chewable treats. CBD oil drops may be placed directly into your pet's mouth, or on top of a food bowl for fast, dependable daily relief. If you prefer chewable treats, we recommend breaking them in half to see how your pet responds. CBD is 100% safe and non-toxic, but it's always a good idea to start with a low dose and move up as needed to keep your animals feeling their best!

    What does CBD oil do?

    CBD oil is a natural dietary supplement that has been shown to reduce inflammation humans and animals alike. Reducing inflammation is key to eliminating pain, stress, and general discomfort in the body, and has been shown to significantly reduce the risk of cancer, cognitive impairment, and many other deadly or debilitating diseases. 

    We specially formulate our CBD oils to help lower anxiety and reduce inflammation, empowering you to unlock the potential in your life. Want to learn more? Click here to access our CBD mini-course and become a certified CBD expert.

    Should my pet be taking CBD oil?

    If your pet is struggling, chances are, CBD can help. CBD is a great option for animals with high anxiety or separation disorders. It's also ideal for managing pain and mobility issues during later stages of life. It's all-natural and it even helps promote a healthy coat!

    When shopping for CBD for pets, it's important to avoid full spectrum oil because even small amounts of THC can be toxic for some animals. Rest assured, all Green Valley Nutrition CBD products contain zero THC and are safe for you and your furry friends :)

    Will this product make me fail a drug test?

    Nope. Our CBD is not a marijuana product. Our products are 100% THC-free and safe for everyone– from children military personnel.

    Drug tests target THC enzymes, and do not detect the presence of CBD. Because all Green Valley Nutrition products contain zero THC, they will never cause you to fail a drug screening. Relax and live well with Green Valley Nutrition!

    What are the ingredients in CBD Oil Drops?

    Our CBD Oil Drops contain just two simple ingredients: 100% hemp-derived CBD and MCT coconut oil, and nothing else. Just as nature intended. 

    Check the product listing page for more information on the natural ingredients we select for our chewable treats. You'll smile to know you're getting the best nature has to offer!

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